Mobility Rx is your prescription to wellness, providing not only improved mobility of the body, but also a full comprehensive approach to fitness. Mobility RX offers one on one training, small group classes, sport specific training, and rehabilitation programs. We use a scientific approach to improve mobility and fitness combining the latest fitness research, equipment, and techniques, translated into a simple but effective method.


The makeup of the human body is thousands of years old and was designed to perform optimally for the hunters and gatherers of the day. Most Americans work jobs which do not provide their bodies the opportunity or environment to perform physically the way they were designed. Studies show that this lack of exercise and failure to use natural motion creates internal and external difficulties leading to poor health and pain issues. The human body needs to function in an optimal range in order to stay healthy: even athletes need to branch out from sport specific routines to meet their optimum levels. We have learned that using a simple approach focusing on the body’s natural way of moving and body weight for resistance has provided the best results for my clients over the years.


The equipment and machines found in most gyms limit the body to motion in a linear form, not allowing for a natural, free range of motion. Mobility RX uses a variety of equipment such as TRX, resistance bands, kettle bells, and ropes that allow you to use your full range of motion and body weight to achieve your goals. We also believe in training outdoors, whenever possible to get back to the basic natural environment of the body.

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