How to motivate yourself to workout when you really don’t feel like it

We have all been there, deciding to make exercise a part of our life. We want to loose fat, build muscle tone and look and feel better. So we start working out, only to find ourselves unmotivated to continue, almost as quickly as we started.

How do we change this? How do we stay committed and motivated, and ultimately make it a permanent habit?

Over the years I have seen that there are many ways to accomplish this. However, there a few scientifically based approaches that produce the best results in the most people.

    1. Create a Neurological Habit Loop, where you reward yourself for showing up and working out. Your brain/body will remember the reward and you will be more likely to see exercise positively.
    2. Find a Fitness Buddy(s). Don’t just look for exercise you like, find a person or group of people that you can make personal connections with, that will help encourage, motivate and hold you accountable.<
    3. Commitment Contract. Everyone is more likely to see things through when they say it in front of friends. I am going to exercise for 30 mins 3 times a week. Up the ante by making a bet or challenge to see who goes the most days or looses the most weight.
    4. Positive Thinking. Visualize the benefits you will receive by working out. Then think about the reasons you do not want to do it. This will assist you in identifying what holding you back, so that you can change it. You are to tired after work to exercise, so workout on your lunch break or before work.

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