Luke Chichetto

Hello My name is Luke Chichetto between working in the NFL and MLB as well as clinics I have helped 1000’s of people suffering get back to living their lives the way they were meant to live.

One of the most common concerns I have been helping clients with is lower back pain! Through my research and experience I have a fundamental understanding of the underlying causes of lower back pain. Did you know the root cause of these pains start in your pelvis? The two sides of your pelvis move when you move but as we progress in life we start sitting more and working out less, eventually losing motion and strength. The pelvis is your base of support and distributes upward and downward force through your body. If the pelvis is weak, stuck, or out of alignment it leads to an uneven distribution causing back pain, bulged discs, sciatica, hip pain, and knee pain. If we strengthen, realign, and stabilize our pelvis we can change everything

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